How to Reduce Swelling While Taking Care of Yourself

Every day, our faces become stiff without us even noticing. As you get older, this can lead to sagging face lines and a large face! This is why it is wise to take care of facial tension on the same day. This is why it is wise to take care of the day's facial tension before going to bed. This is a great way to take care of swelling while you take care of your face.

Nighttime skincare time to reset the day's fatigue

Nighttime skincare is a time to say "good night" to your skin after a hard day's work and to say "see you tomorrow. After cleansing, use a facial cleansing brush to thoroughly remove dirt and grime from deep within the pores. After bathing, use an oil, lotion, or cream to soften and relax the skin, and maintain the balance of moisture and oil. You can of course use the same products as in the morning, but the trick is to use plenty of them.

STEP1: Wash your face thoroughly with a facial cleansing brush.

Some people don't double wash their face because it dries out their skin, but MINE generation needs to wash their face after cleansing to thoroughly cleanse the dirt deep inside their pores. Especially in the coming season when we secrete a lot of sweat and sebum, using a facial cleansing brush is the right thing to do! Electric brushes automatically turn off when the time is up, so you don't have to worry about over-washing and leaving your skin feeling tight. The electric brush automatically switches off when it's time, so you don't have to worry about over-washing your skin.

STEP2: After bathing, apply oil immediately!

After bathing, we tend to focus on towel-drying our hair and body and put off skincare. ...... However, after washing your face, your skin is in a defenseless state. The key to a healthy skin is how quickly you can recharge your skin with moisture. When you get out of the bath, first apply oil to your face to keep your skin moisturized and protect it from external stimuli. The next step in your skincare regimen is to take your time, so that you can get the most out of your skin.

Start with a small face massage with L&L Skin Facial Skincare devices!

STEP3: Apply lotion and open the lymph gates!

After softening and loosening the skin with oil, rehydrate it with lotion and massage it. After softening and relaxing the skin with the oil, rehydrate with the lotion and massage. Take a generous amount, about a 500-yen coin, in the palm of your hand and massage it into your face, neck, and décolleté in preparation for opening the lymphatic gates so that wastes can flow properly.

First, grasp the sides of the body between your hands and push two or three times with a gripping motion. Next, pinch the collarbone between your fingers from inside to outside.

Finally, rub both sides of your neck from top to bottom to open the exits for waste from bottom to top!

This preparatory massage makes it possible for the waste to be discharged properly. The preparatory massage should be done from the armpits, collarbone, and neck, from bottom to top. The trick is to use a comfortable amount of pressure, but not too much.

STEP4: Use the serum massage to remove sagging and stiffness around and under the eyes!

When you are ready, apply the serum and massage your face. Start with the upper half of your face. I especially want to focus on the area around the eyes that has been overused by smartphones and computers. As with the lotion, take a generous amount of the serum and smooth it over your face, then start massaging!

Push the top of your eyebrows with your thumb or the second joint of your index finger and hold for about 5 seconds. Massage along the brow bone from the inside to the outside with the second joint of your index finger, and massage through the temples, from the front of the ear to the neck and collarbone.


Apply pressure with your fingers at the temples and under the ears. This will not only prevent wrinkles between the eyebrows that accelerate the impression of aging, but also help prevent sagging of the entire face by relaxing the area around the eyes.

STEP5: While applying cream, detoxify the lower half of your face.

After the upper half of the face has been massaged, approach the lower half.

Take a cream the size of a cherry and apply it to the entire face from the inside to the outside, making the skin smooth and easy to massage. Approach the area around the cheekbones that have become stiff due to unconscious clenching and chewing habits.

Firmly relaxing the cheekbones will not only tighten the face line, but will also be the first step in preventing a swollen bulldog face.

With your hands in a goo shape, use the second joint of your hands to massage the area under your cheekbones from the bottom to the top, also you can use YOKO to do this, and let the waste flow along your face line. Repeat two or three times with a comfortable level of strength, moving under the ears and down the neck to the collarbone. Finally, squeeze the clavicle from the inside to the outside and the sides with your hands, and let the waste flow into the open lymphatic outlet.

Your complexion will be brighter and you'll have better dreams!